"WTH Malleus you better say this to me next time idiot" she said while rocking the poor baby Dragon "Okay i Promise i will" Malleus said while kissing his Wife.

by SteamHeart. It splits her into two people, one with power over the light that comes from the moon and star.



The way they carried themselves was rather elegant, not unlike the fae he grew up with. A series of one-shots and drabbles featuring the Twisted Wonderland boys, kisses, and a specific body part. Touch Adverse Yuu x Ace, Cater, & Malleus.


Malleus Draconia: Malleus always sensed that something wasdifferent about Y/N. . .

. Tag (s) and warning (s): gn!reader, angst, death, reader is yuu, and 1.


In which Malleus Draconia and Leona Kingscholar react to their significant other being a vampire.

[Reader] is. .

Malleus. "The Draconia clan's beauty has been recognized for centuries, which makes the descendant of the clan the most beautiful guy in the campus.

Malleus Draconia/Reader; Malleus Draconia; Lilia Vanrouge; Grim (Twisted-Wonderland) Dire Crowley; Fluff; Overworking; Hurt/Comfort; Mental Breakdown; Crying; Parent Lilia Vanrouge; Cute Malleus Draconia; Healthy Relationships; Summary.

First published Jul 01, 2022.


. . .

Malleus laughed at your impression and you caught sight of the cute little fangs that had caught your attention the first time. [Malleus Draconia x reader] Y/N of House Umbra has a strange unique magic. But, [Reader] Isn’t just any random 17 year old, for. The evil queen doesn't have any descendants too, so. 「Twisted Wonderland One-Shot」Requests: Open! - Malleus Draconia x Reader - Wattpad.

What's Malleus's reaction when you can't take it any longer? Language.

. May 6, 2022 · Malleus had to nearly pry you away from Lilia, who was dead set on taking care of you.

Jasmine/Jamil Viper.

May 27, 2020 · so honestly, malleus is just the dream, ideal boi when taking care of you turned into a baby; and now let a♕-chan transport herself to twisted wonderland and turn into a baby to be spoiled by malleus ♡ im so soft for malleus omg ;-; p.

[Reader] is a 17 year old whom is the victim of this.


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